Thursday, March 21, 2013

STM32 tools: New MicroXplorer generates the STM32 pinout initialization code

While I'm still very angry with STM for what they've done to all the community efforts by breaking, again, all the links on their *new* website rendering all our howtos to useless texts, here's a piece of *presumably* great news: MicroXplorer now is able to generate code. I haven't tried it though yet, so be the first to give it a go and describe your experience.

This piece of sugar is a bit bitter for me though as I was evaluating other platforms today and saw great job done by TI in working with community. They listen to hobbyists and students! They come out and talk to people (watch the video!), explaining stuff and trying to fix consequences of their decisions and reason with people. They know where we shop... They've got great documentation and tools, such as Grace. Just have a look at this video:
So I almost switched today... I was really close. Until I saw the list of MSP430 peripherials. Here it is:
10-bit SAR ADC, USI (SPI или I2C), Watchdog;
Whhaaaaaatttttttttt? Again, let's have a look:10-bit SAR ADC, USI (SPI или I2C), Watchdog;
Oh. My. God.
I cried for about 37 minutes and 11 seconds, guys.
Oh, I'm starting to cry again....
One. Timer.

Ok, I'll keep trying to do something with STM32 regardless of documentation quality :-)
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