Saturday, August 20, 2016

Slic3r with GUI on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1

Just a working log as this was my probably 10th attempt to install Slic3r and I finally succeeded. So for the next time I reinstall OS, i need to have some records.

cd to RepetierHost directory
git clone

follow closely the step-by-step (I used prereqs listed for OpenSUSE 13.2)

The following repos were added in the process:

I also used to find a missing package, but already do not remember which one

When creating a launch script, had to use the absolute path for this line:
perl ./ $*

Finally, freeglut had to be installed (review the build error logs to see that GL\freeglut.h is missing).

This was solved by going to software management and installing packages freeglut-devel and perl-OpenGL

Finally after all the steps completed without errors, ./slic3r --gui should invoke a GUI window.

Some of the errors I saw in the process:

glversion.c:8:25: fatal error: GL/freeglut.h: No such file or directory

-> FAIL Configure failed for OpenGL-0.6704. See /home/user/.cpanm/work/1471705423.29187/build.log for details.

./slic3r --gui  Can't locate in @INC (you may need to install the OpenGL module)

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